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"We want to help as many Scrum Masters as possible to become great Agile Coaches to improve organisations all over the world."

I have been part of Agile Communities for many years and one thing that I have been missing for several years is a place where ScrumMasters can go and develop themselves.

Some years ago we had difficulties in finding information to develop ourselves. In today´s world, we have the opposite problem. We have too much information around us and that lead us to be lost.

There are brilliant people out there contributing with information to the community but how effective is that for you as ScrumMaster? I am sure you will be browsing dozens of different resources and soon you will be completely lost.

During the last years, I have been working in companies where there was the need of defining an onboarding process for Scrum Masters. This gave me a lot of great insights on how to help Scrum Masters to growth. I have been developing a step by step learning roadmap for ScrumMasters.

This University is the outcome of that work.

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